Dead Embers Release Day + Excerpt!

Happy Release Day!

Dead Embers plunges Bryn into a whole new world of drama and adventure, can she beat the hands of time and save her dying lover Aidan?

Find out by purchasing Dead Embers 

Enjoy an excerpt and a review of Dead Embers and don’t forget to pre-order Dead Chaos to see where Bryn’s adventures take her next! 




Dead Embers Excerpt: First Time Flyer 

“I fell, tumbling and twisting in the arms of the frigid wind. Regret and hurt dived with me, and I screamed, a hoarse mix of fear and vicious anger at Fen. After everything he’d taught me, had it really come to this? How could he just shove me off a cliff? 
Did he really mean to kill me? 
Bitter tears froze on my cheeks. 
Time slowed. 
Embroiled in my icy rage, I almost forgot I was plummeting to the ground—until a gust tipped me forward and I had a sudden, clear view of the jagged rocks below racing up to meet me. Vertigo clawed at my head and churned in my gut, threatening to empty what little food I had in my stomach. I moaned, too terrified to scream. 
I was going to die. 
I sucked in a breath, tried to relax myself, grasping at the fast-disappearing threads of my calm. The temptation to close my eyes was almost impossible to ignore. But I didn’t dare. Instead I remained paralyzed, unable even to blink at the oncoming rocks. My wings flapped frantically, loud and desperate in my ears. I wasn’t going to make it. With a shudder, I went into full-scale panic, arms flailing, screaming like a banshee. My heart thrummed, beating so fast it thundered in my ears. 
Between my heartbeat in overdrive and the roar of the wind, I almost didn’t notice the other odd sound: a hollow flapping close behind me, like boat sails buffeted in a strong wind. 
The sound of calmly beating wings. 
I threw a desperate, hysterical glance over my shoulders. My jaw dropped. At my shoulders, my wings spread out in a dramatic array of gold-tipped, red-bronze feathers. As magnificent as those appendages were to look at, they’d never been much use to me. They were just there. 
Until now. 
Now they flapped and flailed about as crazily as my arms, scattering fluffy, feathery bits of dark red as I plummeted. 
My wings were beating!”







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