Valkyries And Asgardian Warriors

The Valkyrie Series

Meet Bryn a regular teenager quickly thrust into the world of Asgardian Gods, warriors and the like!

Last week you guys got Dead Radiance and I’m here to announce that Dead Embers is now on Pre-Order!

Enjoy an excerpt and a review of Dead Radiance and don’t forget to pre-order Dead Embers to see where Bryn’s adventures take her next! 




Dead Radiance Excerpt:

Asgardian Bath House (C18)

“The weight of my waterlogged wings drew me down and I was thankful for the inbuilt seats hidden below the surface. 
“Look at these, Bryn. Here.” Sigrun showed me the pipes. “Some of the pipes are closed. If a bather wants warmer water she can open them to let the hotter water in. The different geysers have different water temperatures and each bather can adjust to their liking. The only thing you cannot get is a cold bath.” 
Sigrun waded to the point of the crescent, leaving me to marvel at the technology. At the point sat two marble bowls glistening with water. She reached in and retrieved soap from one and a sponge from another. “You can take these and wash in privacy on the other side.” 
Relieved, I grabbed the soap and sponge and waded to the other curved space to bathe. The soap smelled heavenly, a delicious creation made from crushed rose-petals. I used it to lather my oily hair as well, as I was unable to find Asgard’s brand of shampoo and conditioner in the marble bowl. As I rinsed, whole rose-petals floated around me and away on the current. 
A few minutes later, feeling refreshed, I returned to join Sigrun and commented on the ingenuity of the pool. 
“Oh yes, and you will see that dirty water from every bathing area is directed away, to flow down and out of the large pool. There is always running water and everyone knows where the cleaner water is. It’s the middle and the sides.” 
“We used the natural resources of Asgard. No modern technology in the Bathing Pools at all.” 
“So you have access to modern technology from here?” I asked, still fumbling with the idea that this place existed in the modern day and age. 
“Oh, yes. Some of the new Valkyries are more modern than us Old Ones. And the newer Warriors bring their knowledge too. And Odin is a pretty smart one himself.” Sigrun grinned and tapped her head. 
With Odin’s ferocity and intelligence, I didn’t doubt his ability to mesh modern technology with ancient simplicity. 
We fell into a comfortable silence until I caught Sigrun studying my amber pendant again, an expression of worry haunting her face. 
“What’s the matter? Is there something about my pendant that bothers you?” I asked, but she just shook her head and averted her eyes. “Come on, Sigrun, I’ve seen you stare at it before and you have this strange look in your eyes. You’re beginning to scare me.” 
Sigrun sighed. “I am very afraid of your necklace. If it is what I think it is, then you may soon have bigger problems.” 
“Well, what is it?” 
“I think it may be part of Brisingamen.” She paused as if expecting me to know what she meant, but I raised my shoulders in an I-dunno gesture. So she continued: “Brisingamen is also known as the Circle of Suns. It is a necklace of incomparable amber and it belongs to the goddess Freya.” 
“But my father gave this necklace to me.” 
“Do you know where he found it?” 
I shook my head, though I suspected where the necklace may have come from. 
“If it was found in Brunhilde’s grave, it means that she had fulfilled her quest for the goddess Freya and found Brisingamen for her. But Brunhilde never returned it to the goddess.” Sigrun’s eyes clouded. “Freya may take that as a sign that Brunhilde had become greedy and kept the necklace for herself.” 
“Well, I’d say nobody can assume that. And maybe this isn’t the necklace at all.” I stroked the warmth of the amber. 
“No, the necklace is made up of nine individual amber stones, set in filigreed gold and diamonds. The main jewel, which sits at the front of the throat, is the largest of all. The amber seems to communicate with itself. It glows when the other pieces are nearby. The necklace glitters and shines, like a circle of tiny suns.” Sigrun shook her head. “That pendant must be part of Brisingamen, and it is best you keep it hidden in case I am right.” 
I nodded, filled with a strange icy coldness that fought against the warmth of the water around me. Odin, Valkyries, Freya and now Brisingamen! Naked, soaking in the hot waters from the geysers of Asgard, reality smacked me upside the head. 
There was no use in denying it any longer, no use in pretending this was all just a dream. 
I really was in Asgard.”







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