Resonance Is Out Now!!

   Irin 3: Resonance! 

Im so excited to continue Evie’s story and I promise there will be so much more of Evie to come.

She briefly appears in the skinwalker series too so if you love the DarkWorld Universe then you will also be a fan of The Irin Chronicles!

We left evie in Requiem trapped in prison and accused of murder, will evie make it out and prove her innocence to the brotherhood and expose Marcellus? And what about Julian? How does one navigate a relationship with the God of the Underworld?

Find Out in Resonance! now!


Back home after her journey to Hades, Evangeline returns a changed woman–or rather, a changed Nephilim.

She’d intended to set things right, report Marcellus and his cronies to the Brotherhood of the Irin, and see justice done for her guardian Patrick’s death. But nothing goes her way. 

Like, being knocked out the moment she set foot back in the EarthWorld. Or having a murder charged hanging over her head. Now she needs all the help she can get.

But nothing’s going as expected. The aloof gargoyles are looking at her funny. Mykia, the new Master of the Irin, is actually fair and just, and something sinister is happening–if an attack on her life could be called sinister.

Evie has to do some fancy footwork to defend the charges, save her friends, and figure out the strange new magical stuff that keeps happening. Oh, and not to mention making sure she stays alive to do it.

As for the fact that she’s also Hades? She’ll have to figure that out as she goes along.









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