Oath Bound Release Countdown!

I curled my free hand around my plate. “don’t you dare. Touch my food and you will meet a terrible end. I don’t care if Saleem needs you alive.”

Snippet of Kailin Odel’s Signature Brand of Humor from Oath Bound 


Oath Bound


Kai is in trouble, as usual the Panther Walker has herself in a bind. Grams’ past comes knocking on the Odel’s front door turning Kai’s world upside down. Secrets start spilling over and Kai and her family must work hard to contain them for as long as possible. 
Kai is keeping secrets of her own that she must own up to, keeping secrets aren’t for the faint of heart and Kai can’t keep up with each lie she tells.
Suffering injuries from the shadowmen attacks means Kai is vulnerable. She has to come clean to Logan about her injuries before they head to Mithras to put Operation Save the Sexy Djinn in motion. Logan is going to be pissed and Kai knows it. Facing a Dragon King won’t be easy. 
Kai is running out of time and she needs to fess up to her father about her condition and face the music.

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