The Irin Chronicles: Revisiting Retribution


   Retribution, Nephilim & Demons 



Nephilim & Demons don’t Mix Unless the world needs saving 

Evie is a Nephilim in the DarkWorld universe, adopted by a member of the Brotherhood Irin, who became her father figure, mentor and friend. Evie is pulled into the issues of the DarkWorld through this series and you will see her rely on the help of our favorite demon Barry Lacroix. Barry has been seen in the SkinWalker series and the SoulTracker series and now we see him here in the Irin Chronicles.  

There are more exciting things to come for Evie in the in the Irin Chronicles. Resonance is in production currently and boy will you have to hold on to your seats in this upcoming novel! If you want to give the world of Nephilim a chance and see how Evie ends up intertwined With Kai and her squad then start by purchasing RETRIBUTION NOW!








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