Mother’s Day in The DarkWorld Universe

Mother’s in the DarkWorld Universe

Mother’s day has just passed in New Zealand and it got me thinking about the badass mothers in the DarkWorld! Our characters would not be who they are today without these strong mothers who lead by example and are truly to be admired and maybe a little feared.

Kai can definitely say “I got it from my momma” right down to her jet black hair, she is every bit the image of her mother. Her wraith hunting abilities and skills past down from Celeste is the gift that keeps on giving!

Saleem knows he would not be the man he is today without his mother, Queen Aisha’s guidance or her fiery sass! He admires her not only as a mother but also as a fellow warrior. Queen Aisha’ is more than just a Djinn Queen she is one of the legendary warriors in the history of Mithras! 

Both these Moms would do ANYTHING for their children, which is pretty relatable! I mean I would do anything for my offspring and I’m certain any fellow mommas out there would do the same! 

Queen Aisha 

Mother to Saleem and Rizwan

Wife to King Kassim

Black hair olive skin and Djinn tattoos 

Powerful Warrior

Powerful Djinn



Picture taken from Pinterest: Credit to Unknown

Celeste O’del 

Mother to Kai, Ian and Greer
Wife to Corin O’del 
Black Hair and Pale Skin 
Wraith Hunter 

Picture taken from Pinterest: Credit to Amirul Hafiz 




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