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Spirit & Soul Coming in May:

Maya Bio 💜


Maya Rao

Current Location: Earth Plane

Species : Avatar 

Age: 17

Ethnic Group: Indian

Physical Description

Body Features

Hair: Black, long and silky

Eyes: Brown

Complexion: Brown

Height: 5’2

Special abilities

Manipulation of Fire, Demon Killing, Demon Tracking & Sensing, Time Travel, Access to past lives 

Specialized Equipment

Horned Daggers 


Contacts & Relations

Crush: Nikhil aka Lucas (Son of Yama Prince of the Underworld) 

Bestie : Joss

Friends & Allies: Kai, Cassie, Nerina, Darcy, & Logan

Mentor : Goddess Kali

Hellhound Companion: Sabala (Gift from Yama)

Family Ties

Parents: Dev & Leela rao 

IF you have read Fire & Shadow make sure you are up to date on ALL of Maya’s adventures! This girl can’t catch a break!

Hand of Kali Seris Title


hand of kali series 22Mar18

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