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A little treat in the form of a fiery excerpt follows! 

I have been getting inspired and writing Spirit & Soul so here is a sneak peak and a little inspiration I have been drawing from 


Sneak Peek!

Maya tried and failed to shake the sodden strands of her midnight black hair out of her face, then sent a dark glare toward her aunt Claudia and Agent Viktor Mirov—who both hunkered down a few feet away behind a line of battered and decidedly odorific trash cans, soaked to the skin from the slow, steady rain that hadn’t let up since they’d arrived. 

Crouching in the shadows, steeped in the aroma of week-old rot, Maya was in no mood to drape calm over herself as she’d been taught–Reiki or not, nothing would help her nerves, not now when danger lay just across the street from her and her team.  

This was no time for calm.  

Sabala, Maya’s hellhound guard dog sat beside her, as still as a black marble statue, liquid obsidian eyes traveling the street and scanning Maya and the team intermittently. The beast was a gift from Yama, the god of the underworld, and Maya had found she wasn’t able to go many places without the four-legged four-eyed creature. 

Maya wasn’t complaining—Sabala had come in handy on numerous occasions, especially with her demon-detecting senses. And right now, those senses were twanging. The hellhounds ears stood on end, her lips raising on a silent growl which could only mean she’d detected magical activity across the street. At least they weren’t here on a wild goose chase, though all Maya wanted to do was get in, complete the recon and get home. 

A few feet away on Maya’s right, her bestie Joss was shifting from one foot to the other, transferring the strain from one of her thigh muscles to the other before flexing her foot to get the blood flowing again. Maya had performed the very same exercise half a dozen times in the twenty minutes since they’d arrived and submerged themselves in shadows across the street from Dolly’s Toys & Games in the quiet suburb of Heath, Illinois. 

A thick darkness blanketed the front of the toyshop, though the packed interior was dimly lit every few minutes; the revolving light cast by a toy lighthouse sitting on a back wall had obliged the team by intermittently throwing a dull glow upon the rows of shelves stuffed with toys. Although meagre, the lighthouse gave the team a view of the shop which served to confirm the shop-floor was clear of all demonic activity.  

The basement was another story altogether. 



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