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Tracker, Mage, Orphan – Find out about all things Mel in the SoulTracker Series.

I have a special treat for all of you! Today I thought I would give you the low-down on Mel, the nitty-gritty, if you will. From powers to her favourite food. All you need to know about Mel follows.

Melisande Morgan (a.k.a. Mel)

Current Location: The DarkWorld – EarthWorld

Species : Mages

Year of Birth: 4385 (20 years old)

Ethnic Group: Caucasian with 1/4 Indian on her Mum’s side

Physical Description

Body Features

Hair: Raven black, long and silky

Eyes: Silver

Complexion: Olive Skin

Height: 5’4

Special abilities

Astral Projection
Master Teleportation
Senses Magic

Apparel & Accessories

Clothing: Blue Jeans, Boots, Flowy Peasant tops

Specialized Equipment

Damascus Daggers


Contacts & Relations

Sidekick: Stephanie Maxwell the Hacker

Brother from a Gargoyle mother: Drake

Main Squeeze: Saleem the Sexy Djinn

Bestie : Natasha the White Witch

Semi-Adoptive Parents: Captain Murdoch & Chloe

Friends & Allies: Kai, Cassie, Nerina, Darcy, & Logan

Mentor : Samuel Fontaine

Weapons Sourcer (Friend) : Tara

Family Ties

Sister: Arianne Morgan

Parents: Dead

Fun Facts

Favourite Food: Creamy Mushroom Risotto made by none other than her Favourite Gargoyle (in fact food made by Drake is always her favourite)

Favourite Drink: Napa Valley White Wine (can only be sourched by a certain Gargoyle since the conflagration destroyed the Napa Valley)

Favourite Colour: Purple

More details about Mel and her quirks can be found in the SoulTracker series!!

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In case Demon Bones is your first exposure to The SoulTracker Series and you want to catch up, below are the links to check out the rest of the series.







Also, don’t forget that the SoulTracker Series is part of the DarkWorld Universe. Explore the DARKWORLD UNIVERSE TIMELINE on my website to find out which books you’ve read and where they fit within the timeline of the other series: SkinWalker Series and the Chronicles of the Irin.

Oh, and be warned… More series coming soon!

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